Eternal moments of dance with Shiva

photo credit : clicked by me in Kota,Rajasthan

When I listen music.
I fully immersed in it.
And my soul starts dance with it.
When I dance.
I feel touched by heart with music beats.
I feel like a alchohalic…
As I behold the beauty of Lord Shiva with every single beat of music
and in the rhythm of dance.
I may dwell in the Shivalok.
“Divine Experience Of Music And Dance”
I feel Shiva in the beats of music.
I can touch his feet in every rhythm of song.
I praise him with my steps of dance.
As his power and love plays a very crucial role in my dance.
I can feel his overwhelmed love towards me.
As Shiva blessed me as a Dancer and Music Lover.
And I live every Tandava Mudra by my dance steps.
I rejoice and get inner happiness in Shiva’s World.

~Aadria Archana~


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