A new life awaits


I have written this piece of poetry when i was moving to India three years back…

A new life is waiting for her…
She is moving to India.
Three years back she came to Qatar…
Newly married girl was leaving her country to embrace a new country, different culture and a new atmosphere…
She left all things known and familiar for an unknown country to join her husband…
When she was in the plane.She saw a beautiful view of “THE PEARL”.
She didn’t know that she was going to live there for three years.
Her plane landed to Qatar and her husband was waiting outside of airport.
She explored Qatar in her own way.
Yes,Qatar gave her “A BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER” and starting years of married life…
And made her busy also with sweet kiddo.
That years were very beautiful…
She learned and enjoyed a lot.
Thanks to Qatar and everything which gave her a opportunity to learn.
It is a beautiful and peaceful country but can’t be compared to India…
As India Is The Best…
She had missed all festivals to celebrate…with family and friends,
As she was in the habit to celebrate everything with enthusiasm.
She loves India more than anything…
Now her daughter’s school starts from next year
and her home is also ready and waiting for her…
She loves India and coming back very soon…
~Archana Aadria~


Lord Shiva



Picture is clicked by me in Pune 

चाहते जब पंख पसारती है…
तो तलाश यहाँ शुरू हो जाती है…
मुश्किलें चाहे हजार हो…
पर राह आसान लगने लगती है…
विश्वास जब मजबूत हो…
तो ये दुनिया ओर हसीं लगने लगती है…
ईश जब दिल में हो तो…
तो ये पूजा अर्चना सफल हो जाती है…
तब पत्थर में भी ईश्वर जीवंत लगने लगता है..

~Archana Aadria~

Happy Halloween!



Trick or Treat 

Today was the celebration in our society and she didn’t want to become scary one.

She said, “ Becoming a ghost is not my idea.I will become Princess.”

So A little Frozen Elsa acted and walked so well.

I was stunned while watching her.

God bless you and every kid…

~Aadria Archana~

The Lord Shiva


He blessed me with this beautiful Life.
He listen my eager voice from the depth of my Heart.
He send me hundred of symbols in a Miraculous way.
He gives me right track to go for the miles away.
He always ready to gives me enormous hugs in a fabulous way.
He always puts me up in this world by giving alight rays.
He always gives me strength to risen up from all my weakness.
He send powerful rays to save me from negative vibrations.
He loves me a lot in a very different way.
He always charge me up like a battery by his overwhelming love.
He captures me in his heart for EVER…..EVER…..EVER..
Thank you so much for everything…

~Aadria Archana ~

मुक्कदर (Destiny)


ज़िन्दगी ने फिर से करवट बदली है,
चाहतों ने फिर से पंख पसारे है,
सपनों ने फिर से आकार लिया है,
कुछ कर गुजरने की तमन्ना ने फिर से मुझसे आकर पूछा है,
क्या चलोगी अपने ख्वाबों को मूर्त रूप देने,
उनमे एक नई जान डालने,
उन्हें अपने मनचाहे रंगों से रंगने,
कोई है जो तुम्हारे रंगों, तुम्हारे दिए आकार में उकरने के लिए….सदियों से तुम्हारा इंतजार कर रहा है,
-“तुम्हारा मुक्कदर”

~ Aadria Archana ~